Summer Camp


Summer 2019

As always, we had a great week at camp this year! We will have several Troop members talk about their Scout Camp adventures at an upcoming Troop meeting.


Our summer camp week will again be the second week of July, from Sunday July 7th through Saturday July 13th.

We will be at the Sioux Campsite at Camp Wanocksett in Dublin, NH again this year. This is where we were last year.

The FULL cost per scout this year is $435 per scout. This is a $15 increase over last year. No scout in the troop has to pay this full amount.

Scouts who have been a member of the troop for the year will receive a $100 subsidy from the troop against the cost of Summer Camp with the troop. In addition, existing scouts that register and pay by Friday April 26th will receive an additional "early bird" discount of $30, for a net cost to the family of $305. After 4/23 the cost increases to $335.

New scouts have not participated in our fundraising for the year, but the committee still offers them a $25 discount. In addition, the early bird dates do not apply to them and they get the early bird rate regardless, so their net cost will be $380. We do not need these registrations by April 23rd but it would be nice to at least have confirmation as to if the scout is going or not by then, so we can properly plan transportation and adult coverage.


CAMP Pictures

You can see all of the pictures in the Facebook photo album.


  • Parent/Adult participation will be needed for transportation to and from camp.

  • Scouts should arrive at the church the morning of departure wearing their Dress Uniforms and their swimsuits (under other pants if they prefer) and with a towel handy. This is due to the swim check all scouts participate in upon arrival to camp.

  • Please DO NOT send your son to camp with a cell phone. This is a week where they can get away, and you will be able to get in touch with any of the leaders easily.


    • Not for use as a camera, music player, or anything else.

    • An MP3 player or something similar IS allowed while in your tent, but that does NOT allow you to bring your Cell Phone just to play music.

    • They will be confiscated and returned to the parents at the end of the week if we see/hear them.

    • This applies to EVERY SINGLE YOUTH SCOUT!!!


  • If your son is registered for any of the Brown Sea Island sessions he will probably go on an "outdoor excursion" for one of the nights, so he may want to bring a tent/bed roll for that night.

  • Please make sure that your son has the merit badge books for his classes, or has money to buy them. Our troop library is WOEFULLY out of date, and most of the merit badge books are not accepted by the councilors because they are so old.

  • Tent Assignments - Boys will decide on their tent-mates when we get to the church for check-in, but we are not opposed to a little bit of pre-preparation. There is nothing worse than a scout who thinks that he is tenting with his buddy, only to find out that his buddy didn't have the same idea.

  • Bug Nets: A bug net is ABSOLUTELY necessary. Please don't forget your bug net, poles, and Soda Bottles (if you use the "over everything" method of set up).

TROOP CHECK-IN NOTES (prior to departure):

Troop Check-in for Camp is done at the church on the morning of departure.  There are several stations set up to check in/pay the following items:

  • Medical - Verify medical forms are complete and check in any medication. PLEASE handle any issues in advance! Please have medications in a plastic zip lock back with your scout's name on it, preferably also labelled with dosage instructions. All medications MUST be in the original packaging with the original labelling. The camp will not accept repackaged medications.

  • Bank - Check in spending money (small bills PLEASE!) for the Trading Post. CASH ONLY! Please remember that your son may need to buy Merit Badge Books or additional supplies for his Merit Badges.

  • Mail - If anyone wants to drop mail for their scouts at check in, it should go to the "bank" station. Then it will be put into the bank and can be distributed.

  • Photos - All Troops have a “class” photo taken during the camp check-in. Each scout has the opportunity to purchase one. Please be prepared with a check or cash at the church check-in for this. Cost is approximately $11 per photo.

  • Class-B pickup - For anyone who has ordered shirts (or other items) and have not received them or picked them up prior to camp, you can pick them up at check-in


  • A check is acceptable for the troop photo, but we would prefer a separate check, so if you also need to pay for Activity Uniforms, please bring 2 checks.

CAMP CHECK-IN NOTES (upon arrival):

Upon arrival to camp, there will be a check-in process for all scouts. That process consists of:

  1. Medical check

  2. Troop photo

  3. Swim check.

So scouts should arrive at the church wearing their Dress Uniforms and their swimsuits (under other pants if they prefer) and with a towel handy. After the swim check we will be able to go back to our site and change. But we may not have access to the trunks until after the photo and swim check, so please wear the stuff for that.